Jonathan C.

Small liquor store in Chelsea. Wine selection's good enough, as are the prices. Smallish fridge, but fine. A bit cramped--might be hard to walk around if there are more than five people inside, but it wasn't too crowded when I was there. Good for a quick shopping visit. I can't say that I spent a lot of time here, but this has been my impression.


Summer L.

Philippe is a small shop with friendly staff. They have the best selection of spirits in Chelsea. They even deliver special orders to Brooklyn for me and my clients. Thank you Sam!


Derek J.

Nice guys, great selection. However I went to buy a bottle of gin that said one price on the shelf and rang up as another. They told me it had the wrong sticker. Only an eight dollar difference but good customer service to me is to always honor the price for the customer, they did not. Enough for me to choose a different liquor store.


Philip W.

Great hours, the staff is relatively friendly and the prices seem to be quite competitive


Remi C.

Sandy was a B*tch. Every liquor store was jacking up their prices pre-Sandy or was closed. I was stupid enough to be stuck in the city on that fateful October 28, before the storm and I wanted to get booze before I holed up. EVERYWHERE, things were closing at 4, or were expensive, or out of stock. I didn't want batteries, I didn't want lights, I didn't want fresh water or non-perishable food...I wanted BOOZE. Luckily, I found this place. It was packed because they had NORMAL prices for their booze and a decent selection. Now, I ducked in and out, but they get that 4th star because they weren't dicks. They made a strategic decision to add a cashier and keep their prices the same, and as a result, they were super busy. Good for them. I can't speak to the selection because I did run in and out, but the staff had a decent attitude considering the impending Armageddon, so, I'll go back if I'm in Chelsea and looking for a cheap bottle.


Toni J.

The fact that I have to review a liquor store shocks me being from Arizona, but when you're in New York City, you'd be surprised on how many liquor stores truly hit rock bottom. I'm primarily reviewing this one, so next time I'm in Chelsea I remember which of the four surrounding me I actually like to go to :) Great selection, reasonable prices, and open  later than some others nearby.


Gio A.

Brought a bottle of rose that was advertised as being on sale, however when I went to pay for it was charged full price.  My friend and I both pointed this out to the man that rang us up, he acknowledged us, then proceeded to ignore us and charge us full price anyway.  It's not a huge deal, just seemed extremely rude.  The store seemed nice and well stocked, but based on this experience, I won't be coming back.


Tana T.

Was coming here multiple times a week after work and unfortunately I grabbed one of their "team picks" that was to my taste undrinkable. Tasted like pennies and left a terrible lingering bitter aftertaste. Called to ask if I could return it and they told me to come in. After walking all the way back, I was given extreme attitude and he made me smell the cork declaring it was fine. I asked him to drink it and he turned away angrily. He let me exchange it but not without extreme attitude. After working 11 hours I want to be sold a wine I can trust and to buy from people who care about their customers. Lucky for for me there are PLENTLY of other stores in the neighborhood.


Lolita M.

They deliver!  Total selling point for me.  This means if I need a little booze or wine, I can call them up and it's about 20 paces round trip from my couch to the door.  Lazy, I know.  Please don't judge me!


E M.

Good liquor selection and competitive prices, but I prefer other shops in the area for wine.


Olivia A.

I thought I liked this place... I've had a delivery once and it was speedy and good. Recently, I called to ask for a delivery (they clearly state they deliver). It's 6:49 pm.  The man answers the phone and pretends to not hear me.It's ridiculous. Just say you don't want to deliver. Don't make it so I have to keep calling back thinking that you can't hear me.I called three times as he repeated " Philip's liquors!" over and over.My phone working just fine.  So rude. ugh. no more.


Cindy G.

This place has really friendly service and great wine selection. The prices are also super reasonable! I bought a bottle of rosé, and it was absolutely delicious!


M C.

I don't know how the staff is because they closed early. 3 employees standing inside, 1 working behind the counter, 2 just standing there looking at me. It's the only "open late" liquor store in the area and they close 15 minutes early...awesome service.


Ida C.

Great selection, reasonable prices and knowledgeable (and friendly) service = A+ experience at Philippe Liquors.We particularly appreciated the wide variety of high quality and competitively priced champagnes to help us get our New Year's Eve drank on.PARTING THOUGHT: They also have great hours, although I've never met anyone there actually  named Philippe!


A. Sage B.

Really great liquor and wine shop. Very polite staff and quick phone ordering and delivery. They deliver until 9pm, every evening. No fee. Just a tip. They keep delivery records via phone number, including your order history which is so useful! Close to both the C/E and the 1 trains. Highly recommend...


Pepe R.

Terrible service. People do not care about their customers. Selection is limited and wine is not kept in proper conditions.


Amber A.

Open late, good selection. I don't live in the area, but fortunately yelp pointed me here and I was quite happy with the results!


Complicated Syrup Y.

I used to go to a liquor store across the street from me bc I figured every place is about the same. Then i found Phillipe Liquors. The selection is great, and the prices are even better. There were plenty of employees in the shop and everyone I spoke to was helpful. There are sale specials all down the center of the shop and they offer free delivery! I purchased more than I could carry and the delivery arrived faster than I expected. This is my new go-to liquor/wine shop.


Jerzy G.

It's a liquor store so you might not expect much but this is by far one of my favorite places to stop for a bottle of whatever. Squeaky clean, always bright and I've always gotten the friendliest service. Impressive is that the window displays are always changing and they're always quite elaborate. Oh, and their prices are quite competitive also! They get my money each time.


Scott H.

Great selection, easy to navigate.  Nice people.  Cheap.  Open late.  A pretty solid neighborhood pick!


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About PHILIPPE LIQUORS and reviews
About PHILIPPE LIQUORS and reviews